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Boeing 747-8 Mega factories Documentary- Boeing's latest Jumbo Jet!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the video! Credit to National Geographic for this awesome documentary. The Boeing 747-8 is Boeing's latest addition to the 747 family, ...

Inside the NEWEST Boeing 747 (Boeing Customer Experience Center)

An inside look at the Boeing Customer Experience Center which features the new B747, B787 and B737 mock up cabin designs. The director at Boeing gave a ...

BOEING 747 vs. CESSNA Citation - GET OUT OF MY WAY (4K)

An EL AL Boeing 747-400 Freighter made a 180° turn on runway 22L at Liege Airport and just after he finished the turnaround a small Cessna Citation Jet took a ...

Piloting Boeing 747 out of Paris

In the cockpit of the Air France Boeing 747-400 for a flight from Paris to Mexico. Full video http://www.worldairroutes.com/AF747.html.

50 YEARS of the BOEING 747

50 years ago, the 30th of September 1968, the very first Boeing 747 was rolled out to the public. Half a century later the Queen of the Skies still can be seen ...

British Airways Boeing 747-400 in D-Check

Engineering Giants is a documentary series which takes a look at the making of some of the world's biggest machines. This series will go behind the scenes and ...

SHORTEST 747 TAKEOFF EVER?! Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400 at Manchester Airport | ✈

Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400 (G-VGAL) performing a very short takeoff at Manchester Airport! Only 18 seconds between engine spool up and rotation! SOCIAL ...

LION AIR Boeing 747-400 Flight VLOG | Mudik Naik QUEEN of the SKIES! | JT 31 DPS - CGK

Hello Everyone! This time I'm going to fly with Lion Air last Boeing 747-412 Aircraft, the only one Queen of the Sky remaining in Indonesia on flight JT 031 from ...

Boeing 747 Cockpit View - Take-Off from Miami Intl. (MIA)

This video shows the full start-up, take-off RW09 and manually flown departure from Miami (KMIA/MIA). Filmed from a KLM Martinair Boeing 747-400ERF.

Motor Boeing 747 valt uit elkaar na botsing

De schade aan de rechter motor van de Boeing 747 is groot. Dat blijkt uit beelden die kort na de botsing zijn gemaakt door een medewerker van Schiphol.

EPIC Pratt & Whitney ROAR!! Boeing 747 TAKE OFF from Paris

OLD but GOLD!! Listen to these fantastic old babies and their fantastic engine sound during take off and climb. The aircraft is a Boeing 747-400 and the engines ...

Boeing 747-8 vs. Airbus A380 -- the airline giants face off

The competition between Airbus and Boeing has been characterized as a duopoly in the large jet airliner market since the 1990s. This resulted from a series of ...


a first-person perspective exploration of the forgotten pairs of Boeing 727s and 747s more adventures on https://www.instagram.com/svvvk/ subscribe & share for ...

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 747-400 9M-MPP Takeoff from NRT 34L

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 747-4H6 9M-MPP.

Is the BOEING 747-8 a FAILURE?

Is the Boeing 747-8 a Failure? In today's video, I analyse the orders, the market demand, the growth of the 787 and A350 and many more key reasons that have ...

Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet Documentary - 1990

A documentary of making the 747 back from the 1990. Enjoy this classic masterpiece!

New Boeing 747-8 undergoes extreme testing

Boeing test pilots have subjected the new 747-8 Freighter to some extreme testing. The plane has been dragged, dropped, soaked, forced to hover, shudder and ...

Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 D-ABVP Takeoff Berlin Tegel 22.11.2017

Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 D-ABVP Takeoff Berlin Tegel 22.11.2017 Seat 14K.

EPIC Boeing 747 Takeoffs & Landings From CLOSE UP | Avalon Airport Plane Spotting

Throughout the year, Avalon Airport is treated with various freighter 747s that transport equipment for international events and transport cattle and produce.

Air France - Le Premier Boeing 747

L'achat de 4 Boeing 747-100, les premiers avions geant d'Air France.

NASA Boeing 747-123 [N905NA] with Space Shuttle Endeavor at LAX

Welcome home Space Shuttle Endeavor. A beautiful low flyby and touchdown at LAX... proud to be an American. America will always be UNITED.

PIA Boeing 747 take off

A boeing 747 Pakistan international airways take off.

Is the Boeing 747 in trouble? | CNBC International

A growing number of airlines are ditching the iconic Boeing 747 for more fuel efficient aircraft. British Airways on the other hand are investing millions on ...


This Boeing 747 of the rather unknown company \

747-8 vs 747-400 | WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?

The Boeing 747-8 and the Boeing 747-400... What's the difference? Today I explore exactly that. Discussing the specification differences, the added range and ...

The Smallest Boeing 747 Versions In The World

The Top Smallest Boeing 747 Version In The World -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Subscribe: ...

LOW LOW LOW!!! CAL B747 low take off rwy 28 at ZRH with live ATC

Cargo Air Lines | 4X-ICA | Boeing 747-4EVFER | Callsign: CAL 908 Filmed by Sandro Schmid.

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